Saturday walk


Despite my good intentions I didn’t go for that nice long walk in the woods between Düsseldorf and Ratingen but I went out with my mother last Saturday in Heiligenhaus. We had to wait a bit for a dry period because the weather was atrocious – rain and thunderstorm all day! We took a route I walked many times when I still lived at home – nothing spectacular, but we had a piece of cake and a hot chocolate at a newly opened cafe by the lake (which I didn’t take any pictures of 😦 ).


Heiligenhaus is a small town with approximately 30.000 citizens and we have a few historical spots. The buildings in the next pictures are all part of the “Abtsküche” (roughly translates into abbot’s kitchen – it once belonged to the abbey in Werden, which was quite famous and powerful in the middle ages).




Besides those old houses there’s a nice lake (well, it’s more of a pond) which was the spot for a sunday walk when I was small.


I like it best when it’s frozen over and there’s snow everywhere!

I’m at home this week because I’m sick AGAIN! but on the upside I get a lot of knitting done and will be back with pictures of my first attempt at the Selbu modern (Ravelry link) and my yarn order from the Shetland islands! See U!


One thought on “Saturday walk

  1. Jacqui 21. October 2009 / 4:43 pm

    Received your lovely Ddorf postcard and have just been looking at your wonderful blogspot. Thank you for sharing this with me, feel I know you even better now :). There is a letter travelling in your direction, but as you’ve probably heard, we’re experiencing a lot of postal difficulties, so it may be a while! Good to be able to speak to you here instead, I’ll make sure and bookmark this site. Take care, hope you are feeling a lot better by now, big hugs – Jacquixxx

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