Lace bug

The lace bug has bitten me once more! I’ve been knitting the Vortex Shawl for some time now and fiddles around with the Adamas pattern since last year. I managed to make some horrible mistakes there which I couldn’t fix so I took the easy way out and abandoned this project. Shame on me! However, I re- purposed the yarn ( I’m using Højlandsgarn by Isager )for Ishbelby Isolda Teague and I simply love this pattern!


I’m almost finished with the stockinette section and will possibly be ready to start the lace part this evening. I’m determined to finish this shawl in the foreseeable future so I will use lots of lifelines.

I ordered some lace yarn since my stash has always been a bit low on this and last year’s moth infestation decimated my lace reserves a good deal.



Both yarns are by Knitpicks which is a brand usually not available in Germany so I just couldn’t resist.
Apart from my current shawls there is sadly no progress to report on my red pinwheel quilt but I have a date with my quilting buddy on Saturday to quilt my Stack of Coin quilt. I’ll be back soon with new pics! See U!


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