Weekends are for recreation…

…and boy, do I need some free time! last week has been a crazy jumble of spending over 10 hours per day in my office, headaches because of the strange weather and not enough sleep. I managed to finish my course preparation for next week by Thursday, though and I took some time yesterday for my thesis. The glorious beacon of hope this week which enabled me to withstand brain damage and insanity were tickets for “a Midsummer night’s dream” at the annual Shakespeare Festival at the Globe in Neuss. We enjoyed a hilarious, outstanding, delightful, funny, amazing, awe inspiring performance by the (all male!) Watermill Propeller Company. I can’t wait for next year’s Festival!

Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of the Globe (taking picture of the performance was not permitted) because it rained cats and dogs when we arrived at the venue. You can take a peek here, though.

I’m off for the weekend now! I’m looking forward to quilting (the red monster!), reading and listening to my new Blackadder Audio performance (courtesy of audible ;-)). Hope you’ll have a good time, too! See U!


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