Not enough time

I know a lot of people who dedicate their free time solely to one area and often excel in it. I am not one of them and the downside of this is the need to divide my free time and budget 😉 between several hobbies and pastimes. In the last years my interests have settled down on four topics, knitting, quilting, music and books. I know, I know – I’m a couch potato…

Anyway, my knitting projects have suffered a serious lack of attention in the last months. I have sort of a deadline for my red pinwheel quilt because I want to dry it outside due to its size. This means I have to finish hand quilting it in time to catch at least one dry and warm day this summer.

The only knitting WiP I have been working on from time to time is the green vortex shawl (or better: green blobb!)


I’m using tow balls of Schoppel Zauberball which is a sock weight since I like my lace shawls to be a bit sturdy. The picture was taken just after I started on the second ball of yarn. This is my first circular shawl and the beginning nearly drove me crazy. Now it’s a soothing and nearly mindless project perfect for knitting in front of the telly but put aside in favour of the red monster. This will be the story of my summer evenings. I’m hoping to make some progress on the shawl when the weather gets to hot to stay inside. The red monster is by no means portable so I’ll probably take my knitting with me.
As for some quilting news: I haven’t started quilting the coin quilt yet and the four patches for my charm quilt progress very slowly. Stay tuned for another fabric post since I couldn’t resist a fabric bargain… Have a good week!


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