Shopping spree

Nearly two weeks ago my quilting buddy Bärbel and I took the train to Cologne to have a look at the “Kölner Creativ Markt”. I hadn’t been to Cologne for some years and we took great care to look up the directions beforehand. We got off the train in Köln Deutz (which is near the Cologne Exhibition Centre) and wanted to take the Streetcar as advised by the directions. We did manage to get on the right Underground train after lots of running around the station 😉 They need to seriously improve the signage!!! After all, there usually will be a huge amount of travellers due to the Exhibition Centre!

The market really made up for this discomfort! This is what I took home with me:



Almost all fabric came at heart stopping bargain prices between 8 € and 2,50 € !!! per metre.
A local department store which has a sizable fabric section had a sale on some batik fabrics and I couldn’t resist.


The icing on my cake were these two charm packs I ordered on


So, lots of options for new quilts. Since I’m seriously considering a new sewing machine my yearly output on quilts could increase dramatically! The fabric’s already waiting!


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