Quilting like mad part 1

Though I haven’t been in for a long time now, I wasn’t lazy! I’m still struggling with course preps and PhD research (and my lacking motivation for both) but I started and work on quite a few quilting projects in the last weeks.

I’m making progress on my Red Pinwheel Quilt which is good because I have a deadline for this behemoth. Due to its size (2m x 2,20m) I’ll have to wash is in a special machine at my local laundrette and dry it at my parent’s. Drying it outside makes it necessary to wait for a hot and hopefully dry day. Right now this looks nearly impossible -the weather is atrocious here – so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good weather around the end of August. I’ll have to put in some serious work to meet that deadline, though.  Right now I’m quilting the second border in a feather motive.



Sorry for the wonky pics!

Apart from this “old” project (I started this at the beginning of 2008) I managed to put together a smaller quilt.


I wanted something fresh and simple to cut and sew. It measures about 1,20m x 1,75 and I had lots of leftover batting for smaller projects. My quilting buddy Bärbel kindly offered her sewing machine for quilting this so I can take it to the park this summer ;-). The back is a nice and 1,50 m wide cotton print in blue.


I plan to use a light green polka dot fabric for the binding. Hopefully I’ll have some pics of the finished quilt next week. I have some more projects and lots of new fabrics to show but for now I have to go back to my course preparation. I’ll be back in the next days! See U!


One thought on “Quilting like mad part 1

  1. Miranda 14. June 2009 / 11:47 am

    I am IN LOVE with this quilt! FYI, I may steal the basic pattern from you at a later date.

    I am also in awe of your quilting skills. When I say “I quilt”, I mean I randomly sew a bunch of fabric together and hope it turns out for the best. I love that you sew designs etc. into yours. I can’t even begin to imagine how much time you put into these!

    Also, I have the internet again! And I am more or less settled into the new place, which means I’m finally at a place where correspondence is possible again. Expect an envelope in the mail shortly. I sent it off last week.

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