New format


Since I don’t seem to be able to post regularly I’m thinking about weekly updates around here. With my record of good intentions, let’s see how that goes 😉
Although the weather was really good (apart from last Friday) I haven’t taken any pictures so I had to cheat a bit for this post and use a pic from last year. Still pretty, though!
So, last week. Since the semester and my new courses were to start last Tuesday I spent the whole of Easter Monday slightly nervous and restless, going over my plans for the first session again and again… Every semester I’m asking myself why on earth I agreed to this job. I managed to avoid speaking in front of more than three people pretty well during my studies because I was -and still are, to some extent – horribly shy. Now I have to talk in front of audiences ranging from a luxurious 25 on Thursday to a mob of 95 students Tuesday mornings.
Anyway, the first session of both courses went quite well and I’m hesitantly looking forward to this week because we’ll start with the fun stuff (for me, at least, it’s a grammar course 🙂 )
I got some knitting done on my vortex shawl (sorry, no pics) and I’m waiting for the much needed skein Schoppel Zauberball in green to continue.  Apart from watching Doctor Who in the evenings I have nothing more to report but I will be taking more pics this week.
See U!


One thought on “New format

  1. Miranda 22. April 2009 / 1:45 am

    Nadine! Thank you so much for the postcard! I just got it on Friday (sorry for my late response!). My ex-roommate still had the key to the mailbox and it took me THAT LONG to receive it.

    I am a very bad pen pal. I PROMISE to send you something perdy as soon as I move into this new place!!

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