Bursting with life


These days I seem to have ants in my pants (this translation for German “Hummeln im Hintern haben” sounds funny but I’m going to trust leo.org here…) and I’m not sure if it’s just spring and the gorgeous weather we had in the last weeks. I took this picture some time ago and I literary stumbled into this sea of blue crocuses on a walk home from work. It was hard to get a clear shot because of all the people milling about the flowers 😉
But back to the ants – I was on the best way to become a hermit, I spent the last year between my office and my sofa and I didn’t even get much work done. It feels like I have been floating around without a course, without doing interesting or new things, without doing anything notable at all.
I hope this year will be different. I’m only 30 and sometimes I feel and behave like my life is already on the finish line. So, this year I’ve got plans! I signed up for the gym and I’m determined to stick with this! I’ll be going out a lot more, cinema, concerts, theatre! Oh, I got lucky and scored tickets for the Shakespeare festival in June which I’ve been trying to do for the last three years.
And I have a vague plan for trip to London in summer if needs must, on my own, but hopefully together with a friend.
Oh, knitting: I’m still on the vortex shawl but haven’t taken an updated picture yet. I’m slowly running out of yarn and my order for a second ball isn’t here yet. In fact I’m getting a bit nervous because it is now nearly two weeks since and I haven’t heard anything from the shop despite my email. Keep your fingers crossed!
So, it’s Easter Sunday and later I’ll be off to my parent’s and dedicate tomorrow to the finishing touches of my course plan. Have a nice day!


One thought on “Bursting with life

  1. Teresa 13. April 2009 / 12:23 pm

    Wow..is that beautiful or what!!! Good luck with your plans – sounds like you have a great year ahead.

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