I’ve wanted to post some more last weekend but a bad case of migraine took me out of commission. Since then it has been a semi-horrible week; the weather is/was so atrocious that it gave even me a slight case of depression. Normally rainy weather doesn’t bother me but this is too much. Today the sun is shining although if you believe yesterday’s weather forecast this will be only a short reprieve from the weather from hell and next week we’ll have to gear up on wellies, umbrellas and raincoats…

I tried to banish my blues by several means: First, I cast on with this yarn


It is sock yarn so I thought I’d make another pair but then I decided it would be a pity to hide those colours under pants and boots! Plus it is single ply and thus a bit prone to felting. Since I already cast on on DPNs I left it there switched to short arm warmers instead of socks. I decreased some stitches to have a more snugly fitting size around my wrist and then thought, why not incorporate a small lacy leaf on the back of the hand? At first all went well…


I was really proud I managed so far without a pattern to follow. Yeah, well that’s when disaster stroke. I think I somehow increased to much stitches and the leaf kind of bunched up the centre and around the edges. Not pretty, and it looked,… well, let’s leave it at slightly obscene.
No way I would wear them like this so I frogged them. I’m back at the wrist and I think I’ll leave them in plain stockinette stitch. No more experiments besides, this project was meant to be a zen knit to relax from my fiddling with the cursed Lady Sweater.
So today I’ll take the armwarmer(s) (still only one) out for a coffee with my best friend, relish the rare sunshine and maybe snap a few pics of some early flowers…
I try to be back on the weekend! See U!


One thought on “Ramblings

  1. moragandme 17. March 2009 / 12:21 am

    I love love love this yarn!!

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