Involuntary day off

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a slight headache, so I decided to stay home and dope myself with some hardcore Vitamin C and some serious self induced TLC (I’m living alone…). I’ll need to hop down to the laundrette to get my washing done and I’ll  probably manage a short walk to the park since the weather is really sunny today and I could need some springy pictures… So, altogether thing’s are not that bad.

But still, if I got those bugs from you, MITSCHA! I will have your hide!!!!!

I’m almost ready to separate the sleeves from the body with the Lady Sweater and I finished uploading the pics of my latest stash additions so I will be back soon with a rather picture heavy post.

And I’m waiting for my Posh Yarn – two skeins of pure cashmere sock weight for a springy scarf in an incredible colourway-oh my!

So, I’m off dragging myself to get dressed and down to my beautiful laundrette (I wish!) – anyone remembering the movie?

See U!


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