Checking in before checking out

It’s Friday, finally! I’ll be on the train up north in about twelve hours which means I’ll have to get up very early tomorrow morning. The train is scheduled to leave Düsseldorf at 6.30 a.m. and since I need to travel cheap I have to take the snail-train. On the upside the journey will gift me with about five hours of time to knit and read so right now I’m contemplating which project to knit on the train(s). The most portable would be the second River Rapid Sock plus the lace pattern is easy. Oh, here’s a pic of the first sock:

River Rapid Socks in progress

The second picture suffers from the atrocious weather we had today, it was dark and rainy all day.

River Rapid Socks

The colour representation is more accurate in the top photo. I started this sock nearly two years ago and I can’t remember why I didn’t knit my usual heel with slip stitches for reinforcement. Without it the heel looks a bit freaky but it fits perfectly so I’ll probably adapt to the strange sight. Still, I hope this won’t make this part of the sock prone to coming apart with time…
Anyway, this is my first “patterned” sock since up to this project I’ve knitted every single pair in plain stockinette. So far I really like them and I don’t know why I abandoned them for so long.

I’ll be taking a fast progressing Adams Shawl with me as well and of course the cursed sweater in hopes of saving and inspiration from my friend. And maybe I can look for some buttons in Oldenburg, too!

So, have a nice weekend everybody and I’ll be back with (hopefully!) lots of pictures from my visit and some knitting progress to show!
See U!


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