WordPress woes, Karneval and wooly goodness

I’ve been trying for HOURS ! to upload a ravelry badge to my widget bar and it doesn’t work! So I though to take a break from this and do something pleasant, like updating here 😉 It’s snowing again outside which is fine because

1. I’m inside with a cup of delicious hot tea

2. Snow’s way better than this ugly rain we had last week!

3. Today is Altweiberfastnacht (which means a long weekend of atrocious actions titled with fun has just begun) and all those crazy, drunken people are now standing outside in the snow! Talk about justice -) I know , I know I’m really mean but every year I’m dreading the fifth season as it is called around here. For those not familiar with the concept of German Carnival: It is a crazy crossbreed between Halloween, Mardi Gras and Oktoberfest in Munich. There are people running around in costumes (which is NOT the problem) and getting drunk at a time when I take the train to work which means really early in the morning. On top of that every local radio station plays horrible seasonal music all day and there are carnival sessions on most of the TV channels. On Rosenmontag (next Monday) everything will amount in the annual carnival parade which virtually shuts down the whole city.

Thankfully, this year I’ll take the train up north very early on Saturday to visit my friend Svenja in Oldenburg. There is no Carnival in Oldenburg!!! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll manage to avoid any carnivalistic encounters on my journey back on Monday…

I’ve put aside my cursed February Lady Sweater but I’ll take it with me to Oldenburg in hope of mastering the buttonholes with help from my friend. Since I needed some sense of achievement I pulled an old and long abandoned project out of my UFO cases and finished the first River Rapid sock last weekend.

I’ll put up some pics in the next days because my camera is charging right now. I’m planing to make some progress on the second sock on the train ride Saturday morning.

I’ll try to write a quick post tomorrow and the I hopefully will have lots of photos to show from my escape weekend!


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