craft report II

It has been nearly a month since this blog showed any of the projects I’m currently working on. So, here it is, craft report II.

I joined Ravelry some time ago and I’m still amazed about this huge amount of information and means of getting to know people this interactive community contains! Those of you who already signed up know what I’m talking about those who haven’t yet – go, have a look and request an invitation! Thanks again Svenja, for bugging me to do just that!
Anyway, it was on Ravelry I stumbled upon a pattern for a cardigan that really caught my eye. I’ve been knitting for about six years now but I’ve never attempted to knit a sweater or a cardigan. I’ve always stuck to small and / or portable projects like socks, mittens, scarves, hats and lace shawls (not so small but light!). Maybe it’s because by the time I would have felt comfortable to accomplish a bigger and more complex project I had started quilting as well and as a result I usually have at least one behemoth of a project lying around in my living room.

Along with the determination to make some serious headway with my thesis research I cast on for the February Lady Sweater by Flintknits with Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Tidepool Heather. I just love that colour.

February Lady Sweater (blog)

I started on Saturday but I made a mistake while increasing and had to frog it yesterday. Also I didn’t like the effect of my standard long tail cast on. So now I’m back at the first buttonhole after working a cable cast on. I plan to have this cardigan finished in time for the new term and my new courses in April so I’ll be focusing on this project for the next weeks.
I have to get back to my course preparations now. We have really freaky weather today, I think the temperature just dropped at least four degrees because it’s snowing right now. Winter’s back again, it seems.


One thought on “craft report II

  1. moragandme 11. February 2009 / 2:47 am

    I loooove that sweater! I can’t wait to see what your finished project looks like!!!

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