It’s Saturday and it’s my first real day off for almost two weeks. I have been busy with the last two sessions of my seminar and getting my students up to date for the end of term finals. Now term’s over and this leaves me with a stack of about 85 test to grade before I can get started on some real work for my thesis. The next term starts in April so I’ll have about two month to make some progress. Since I now have a notebook I can start with the tedious task of comparing all the words of the Old High German Dictionary with two Middle High German Dictionaries to see which words didn’t make it.

But before I start my journey into this ‘nightmare’ I’m taking the weekend off! I plan to finally cast on for the February Lady Sweater and make some progress with the Pinwheel quilt today. I try to take some pictures but it’s a bit overcast and dull outside so there could be a light issue. Anyway, I’ll be back soon(-er then the last time I wrote this ;-))

Miranda, the christmas card debacle really bugs me – I’ll have a look if I have another one to send!


2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. moragandme 11. February 2009 / 2:46 am

    I am worried that my mailbox is a black hole! And I am also a little more than pissed with Canada Post!

    • mysmallplace 11. February 2009 / 12:26 pm

      Would you send me your adress again, just to be sure I didn’t make a mistake? And trust me, this sort of thing seems to be common among the post services of the world – the German Mail (Deutsche Post) is beyond stupid and evil sometimes…

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