Knitting is contagious

I’m back from a cosy weekend with my Notebook 😉 with some proof for the spreading epidemic called knitting. On Christmas Eve I brought it with me to my parent’s and my mother is now infected. After years of abstinence (she used to knit sweaters for my sister and me when we were smalLER and she had a thing for crocheting doilies) my mother is now knitting socks! Applause for her first pair of knitted footwear!


Despite her protest I captured her knitting, too:


And I dragged her to the Yarn store to buy fresh supplies for her next pair. This is what she bought:


The yarn is by Lana Grossa and really soft. I’ll be taking pictures of those socks, too.
See U!


One thought on “Knitting is contagious

  1. moragandme 20. January 2009 / 3:40 am

    I am glad that I’m not the only one you have infected!!

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