Dawning of a new era

This is the first post written on my new (and first) notebook! I’m something of a sceptic when it comes to new technology but in the last years I’ve made quite a few huge leaps concerning this. About two years ago I observed some schoolkids on the bus home operating a strange device which seemed to play music. That was my first conscious encounter with an i-pod. I somehow managed to avoid buying a portable disc player and still went on journeys equipped with my 1992 Sony Stereo Walkman. A few month after my encounter on the bus I went and bought a mp3-player (no i-pod, though) which was a really good decision.

Then there is the case of the mobile phone. I contemplated the purchase of the first one when I moved to Wuppertal about 9 years ago because I had a friend who simple needed to be contacted via mobile phone because she almost never was at home. So I bought the cheapest and most simplistic model available. I still “use” a hand-me-down model my sister exchanged for an up to date mobile phone with integrated camera.

So you could call me a bit old fashioned when it comes to new technology. But that’s over. I’m hooked! My new Think Pad is a dream! It’s light, fast and equipped with the most current system software. You don’t need drivers for ANYTHING! Camera, Ethernet cable, you just plug it in and pronto! You have to keep in mind that I worked with a Windows 98 SE for the last ten years and a RAM amounting to a fabulous 300 MB. Now I’m in heaven!

The weather has been really bad for taking pictures so I can’t grace this post with a picture of my new baby but I’m working on it! And I’m already contemplating the possibilities for the soon to be free space where my desktop system resides… (You were right Miranda!)

I’ll be back tomorrow with the documented craft results of my mother! Hope you had a great weekend, see U on Monday!


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