Craft report 1

Although I had a two week’s break over Christmas I didn’t get much knitting and quilting done. I finished a pair of socks (Christmas present) for my father but I cut it a bit close to I almost had to wrap it up right after weaving in the ends. Which means… no pictures.

It’s the same with a pair of 6 ply socks for me – I finished them right at the start of our one- week-winter and had to wear them immediately because of my cold feet. I did take a WIP picture right at the start, though:

Online Supersocke socks

Before those socks I’ve never realized how much faster a 6 ply sock yarn on 3,5mm needles knits up and I’m thrilled! The weather is much warmer now (all the snow has melted away 😦 ) but hey – one can hope! So I cast on for another pair of those high speedies, using the Regia Design Line by Kaffee Fassett

Regia Design Line 6 ply

6 ply socks

I’m in love with those colours!
My crafty plans for 2009 contain the finishing of the red monster quilt, the Adamas Shawl and socks galore! I have enough yarn for a cardigan and I’m thinking about two new quilts this year.

Stay tuned for some progress pics of the Pinwheel quilt this week!
See U!


One thought on “Craft report 1

  1. moragandme 15. January 2009 / 2:38 am

    I love your crafty endeavours!! I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but your socks are inspiring me to try my first knitted pair! I have a salsa class near a yarn shop next Tuesday, and I plan to buy some supplies.

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