Winter in the city

As promised I’m back today with a post about all that snow we had and still have here in Düsseldorf. Since this is the first real winter we’ve had for years I can’t help but get excited about is. When I left my flat for work last Monday it had been snowing the whole night and it was a real pain to get across town to university. It took almost double the time I usually need for this trip.

A look into my backyard:

Snowy Düsseldorf

The bus driver couldn’t access the last three stops before campus so we had to walk. I took a few pics on my way:

Snowy Düsseldorf

Snowy Düsseldorf

After a long day at the office and an equally difficult journey home I decided to take Tuesday off to take a walk in the snow. At first I wanted to take the train to a nice spot just outside Düsseldorf but that plan didn’t work out. Nope. All trains were late or cancelled so I hopped on the underground to Kaiserswerth, which is on the north edge of town right along the Rhine.

Snowy Düsseldorf

The weather was great although a bit chilly and I spent a few hours walking through the snow.

Snowy Düsseldorf

Snowy Düsseldorf

Snowy Düsseldorf

I had to defrost myself a bit when I got home but a hot cup of tea did the job. And look at that evening sky out my window:

winter evening

Sadly, the weather forecast talked about rising temperature so by the end of the week it will all be melted away…
But at least I have visual proof it was there 🙂

I hope you’re having some winter fun, too! I’ll be back within a day or two with a report on my crafty progress. See U!


2 thoughts on “Winter in the city

  1. Teresa 12. January 2009 / 2:48 pm

    Very pretty pictures – thank you for sharing! We do not get much snow here in South Carolina, maybe 1 inch per winter – and that is fine with me. I don’t like cold!!! Snow is very pretty falling though, and its just beautiful to look upon, but no thanks on going on a walk in the snow.

    • mysmallplace 14. January 2009 / 9:26 am

      I was born during one of the hardest winters of the last century, 1978, and I think this had some effect on my weather preferences…. I totally hate temperatures over 25 ° Celsius! Sigh… global warming sucks!

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