Happy new year!

I have been a bad, bad girl – I just realized that I’ve neglected this blog for nearly a month! I’m putting ‘Better Blogging Behaviour’ on my list of new year resolutions, right under

  • working a lot harder on my thesis
  • saving money for a much needed notebook
  • finishing the red pinwheel monster (quilt)
  • make some new friends
  • loose weight and do more sport

I’ve drawn out a tight schedule for my working time which I have to split between course preparation for my job (I’ll be teaching a new course next semester) and my thesis.

I tried to avoid my computer during Christmas break because it tends to suck me in while surfing the net and that wastes a lot of time. Due to this I still have no pictures of my crafty endeavours to show although I finished two pairs of socks and made serious progress on the red quilt. My camera also  holds photos of my Christmas tree (which I deconstructed yesterday evening) and above all pictures of the snow Düsseldorf and most of Germany is blanketed with. I have to have proof for future generations that we had snow in winter once upon a time…  Sadly, this has become a rare event in the last years, most winters have been mild and rainy without a single snowflake.

I really miss the long and cold winters of my childhood (Blimey, I’m old!) with enough snow to build a snowman, go sleighing all day and with ice flowers on our kitchen windows. (Maybe I should move to Canada, Miranda! ;-))

Anyway, to get away from my reminicence: I hope to put my pictures up on flickr this weekend and post some here on the blog!

Right now I’ve got to get back to work.

Happy new year by the way!

See U (soon)!


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