Schnee in Düsseldorf

I remember long and cold winters with lots of snow and ice flowers on our window, building snow men and making snow angles. Even walking to school because the buses couldn’t drive. We haven’t had winters like this for the last twenty years, though and because of this I almost started bouncing in front of my window Friday evening when it started to snow. Düsseldorf almost never gets snow because the Rhine area is normally a few degrees warmer so it’s double exiting!

Schnee in Düsseldorf

I finished a brand new hat on Thursday and pulled out my warm scarf and mittens.

Noro Silver Thaw beanie

My LYS had a sale on Noro Silver Thaw and I grabbed the last ball of this bright colourway (# 5). I really enjoyed working with this yarn although it has the typical noro thick / thin quality. It is really soft even without washing (no time) and I managed to knit this beanie in a total of 4,5 hours. I followed the Ribbed Noro Hat pattern over at Ravelry (can’t link because they’re down for maintenance right now) and it was a simple and fast knit. I used 5mm DPNs and I have a small amount of yarn left over.

Noro winter wear

You see I’m a strictly Noro girl this winter!

Yesterday evening left my backyard with a thick white blanket but it was to dark to take a photo. No snow left this morning, but I’m keeping my camera at the window, just in case 🙂
I’m still hoping for a REAL winter this year…


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