Good intentions (or the road to one hell of a neck-ache)

Thursday night I dutifully lay down on my living room carpet for my exercises to improve the muscles in my back. I worked hard and stretched my muscles and when I got up after 35 minutes I nearly fainted from the pain and dropped down as a stone. I had somehow miraculously managed to wrench my neck while exercising my lower back… I spent the next day doped with pain meds and walking slightly awkward with two scarves wound around my poor neck…

keeping warm

which kept coming off CONSTANTLY! Plus there’s always a small space between sweater and scarf getting the full impact of draft which is what put me in action this weekend. While taking a look at Ravelry’s free pattern collection I stumbled upon several patterns for cowls and finally settled for the Col GC by Marie Sauvagnac. It is a fast knit with an easy cable pattern – great! I had a lone ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in my stash which wasn’t enough so I waddled of to my LYS to buy a second one only to discover that there wasn’t one single ball left in ANY colourway! The friendly owner of the shop came up with a solution and I left with two balls of Louisa Harding’s Kasmir Aran in a nearly identical colourway as my Debbie Bliss yarn and the advise to alternate between yarns every two rows. I cast on Friday evening, had to take a total knitting break on Saturday (stupid neck!) and am now done with about a third of the pattern. The yarn feels awesome and I can’t wait to have it around my neck 🙂 ! I’m contemplating decreasing half a cable because it looks a bit too wide but I’m still hoping it will squish together because of the cables.


I’m determined to finish this piece by the end of next week but You’ve seen where those good intentions have led me…


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