November fun

I like November. Most of my friend think I’m slightly strange because of that but they only see the downsides of this month. I like looking at all those city lights around me when it gets dark around five o’clock – Düsseldorf is not a particular pretty place but the those lights give it a homely and warm feeling.


November is also the month of my favourite holiday, St. Martin’s Day. Around the 11th of November there are lots of processions with children carrying lanterns and singing songs to remember St. Martin, once a roman soldier and later the third bishop of Tours who, legend tells, once shared his cloak with a poor and freezing man. Most processions have a person on horseback dressed up as St. Martin leading up front. Sometimes there’s a bonfire and a reenactment of the cloak-scene.
I watched our quarter’s procession from my window and hung up some lanterns in my flat.


And although Halloween has reached Germany by now St. Martin’s Day is still more popular among the children. After all, they go collecting sweets here, too, only in exchange for a St. Martin’s song. Around Düsseldorf this is called ‘gripschen’. I stacked up on sweets for the occasion but no one came to my door :(( -must be those 5 storeys.
I hope you all enjoy at least part of November! See U!


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