Autumn favourites

I haven’t been around again this last week due to lots of stress at work and a general fatigue I seem to have caught. We are having a bright but a bit too warm November here in Germany but I’m still hopeful that I’ll be able to wear at least some of my knitted goodies this winter – the last two years were a seasonal disaster, temperature-wise. I mean, come on, winter with an average temperature of 15 degree Celsius ?! But I still keep my fingers crossed for this year and keep knitting socks. Which brings me to some pics to share with you:

regia socks

The sock yarn I used is a Regia African Color I had stashed away somewhere. Weaving in the ends is my least favourite part of sock knitting so I had to take a pic before.
I have already cast on for the next pair using a ball of Opal Neon I got from the bargain basket in my local yarn store and the picture is already out of date since I am well into the foot part of the first sock now.

opal neon socks

It seems as if the season compels me to knit more but I try to keep going with my quilt, too!
Yesterday I got my invitation for and I’m already looking for some new ideas. Maybe the Endpaper mitts by Eunny Yang? I’ve never made an attempt at colourwork but with only two different colours it can’t be that difficult, right?
More about this in the next days! See U!


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