Dull weather and gaudy socks


This morning I took one peek out of my window and instantly decided to stay home today. We had some lovely late summer / autumn days lately but it seems that’s over for now. Enter Germany’s common autumn weather: rainy, cold, grey. And guess what: My flat gets as cold in winter as it is hot in summer. I actually contemplated using the central heating… I’ve resisted this temptation so far and made do with a blanket for now. Despite all these little discomforts I’m kind of fond of weather like this; it makes me like my flat more and I develop a need to cozy up with a quilt, light some candles, read a good book on the couch, cook some pumpkin soup….

I haven’t done much quilting because I’ve had some problems with backache, so I switched to knitting for a while. I thought it was high time to produce some new socks with all this cold weather. So here’s my first finished pair of socks:

Online socks

They’re the perfect antidote for this grey weather with those bright colours! I think the yarn is Online Supersocks but I’m not sure.
I’m off know to cook some soup!


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