Favourite season

I’m not a summer person. During the hot days of this season I normally fantasize about a cool and crisp October day and a walk in a colourful forest, followed by an afternoon tea with apple cake…

Most years September is still too warm to my liking – the temperature still goes up to 18-20° Celsius in the day – but in the morning and evening the air is already cold and clear. Every year I try to do something special at the day of the autumn equinox to celebrate the beginning of my favourite season. When I still shared a flat with friends I took the opportunity to invite some people to have a special dinner. Nowadays I live solitary and most of my friends have moved away so I usually make a trip into the “country”.

On Saturday I got up early and took the train to my hometown and visited the local weekly farmer’s market. This is what I got:

From the Farmer's market

I’m a big fan of apples and they had several old sorts (varieties ? breeds?) like Gravensteiner and Bärlepsch.
Originally I’d planned to take a walk in the forest in Heiligenhaus (my hometown) but my little sister persuaded me to accompany her on a short shopping spree next town and to follow this up with a foray to a local recreation area called Elfringhauser Schweiz (Schweiz translates to Switzerland). This area is part of a low mountain range with only small winding roads. We wanted to visit a particular farm but we hopelessly lost our way. In the long run this worked in our favour though because we stumbled upon a really nice place only by accident!

We followed this sign….

Kräuterhof Rhode

through the woods…

Kräuterhof Rhode

and walked around a corner to end up with this view:

Kräuterhof Rhode

I didn’t take a picture but there is a little shed and a barn where they sell herbs and homemade juices and lemonade. They also serve a delicious apple pie and a very tasty rhubbarb lemonade which you can enjoy with a free view of the hills.

Kräuterhof Rhode
(That’s my little sister by the way!)

We will definetly come back here sometime and if you’re in this area, go there! It’s worth it!

Kräuterhof Rhode

Kräuterhof Rhode

All in all a very nice way to celebrate the first day of autum! I hope you’ll enjoy this season as well! See U!

Kräuterhof Rhode


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