City views

In order to achieve a more regular posting on my blog I decided to dedicate one day of the week to a new category called “City views”. Since it’s today is Thursday this will be the day in question. I live in a semi-big city and I’m often overwhelmed by the negative aspects of city life such as noise, too much people and miles and miles of concrete jungle. But even in a city like Düsseldorf there are nice and interesting places. I’ll try and write something about one of those every other week from now on (maybe changing it into a weekly post later) , so stay tuned if you like to have a peek!

Golzheim Cemetery (Golzheimer Friedhof)

Golzheim cemetery

Golzheim Cemetery, opened in 1805, is the oldest communal graveyard in Düsseldorf. In the first years a very simple burial place, it underwent several architectural and horticultural changes managed by Maximilian von Weyhe, a famous landscape gardener of the 19th century. He arranged parts of the graveyard based on the architecture of English parks which made the cemetery a well liked destination for walks. Adding to that the location then next to the river Rhine made for an almost bucolic place.
It still has a romantic and quiet air about it which is hightened by the gothic headstones and crosses.


Nowadays it is closed for burials and due to changes of the course of the river it is no longer situated at the bank of the Rhine but surrounded by houses and streets. It is, however, kind of a retreat within the hustle and bustle of city life and I take a walk there quite often if I need to get away from it all.

Golzheim cemetery

I’ll be back in the next days with some pictures of the new quilt and the fabric I ordered! See U!


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