Summing up

I’ve just realized that my last post was published nearly a month ago so I decided I needed to get things going again with my blog. Last Sunday I managed to upload my pictures to flickr and now I’m ready to go! I spent the last weeks writing my essay (finished at last!), researching for my thesis and last but not least basting the red quilt. It took my quilting buddy and me nearly an hour and some nerve wracking juggling to pin the three layers together but now the monster quilt (2mx2.20m) is ready for the last step, the actual quilting process. Since my sewing-machine is not equipped for quilting I’m doing this by hand which is in fact my favourite part of the whole thing. Cutting the fabric and piecing the blocks nearly drove me crazy and I’m amazed the quilt even looks like a rectangle and did not come out in some bizarre shape because of my wonky seams… Anyway, on with the visual!

Assembling the parts:

Details of the quilting:

I’m quilting the centre pinwheels in a free-hand spiral pattern and I’d like to have a feather motif on the broad inner border, but it will take some time until I’ll get there. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but I had a hard time to take them because of the quilt’s size and the lighting conditions in my living room. I’ll try for better pics through the quilting process!

Aside from quilting and studying I went on a trip to Osnabrück last Saturday which is a three hours journey by train for me. I met up with my oldest friend Svenja (we’ve known each other for nearly 17 years now which means I’m getting old !)


for the annual Textile exhibition “Nadel und Faden”. I’ve never been there before but despite the really crowded halls it was a nice show and I was able to purchase some pretty patchwork fabric.


The fat quarters at the bottom are from Moda’s Flutterby collection and I absolutely adore the Ladybug fabric!!! The green fabric at the top was an end-of-the-bolt bargain and I think it fits very well together. I’ve ordered some additional fabric to make a Twin sized quilt and I’m planning to add some green polka dot cotton from my stash.

I’m leaving you with a last picture of the University of Osnabrück (quite nice I think! – the building, not the pic 😉 )

I’ll be back in the next days with some knitting news and plans for the new quilt. See U!


One thought on “Summing up

  1. Teresa 21. September 2008 / 10:57 am

    Thanks for sharing the pictures – it does look like a peaceful place to retreat to.

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