back on track

I decided to keep on posting as long as my motivation lasts so here are some pictures from the Sunday walk I mentioned in my last post.

I live in a very crowded area with lots of cities and industry and only a few remote and green spaces in between. Since I’m stuck here for at least four years due to my job I’m trying to appreciate the nice spots around here! The pictures I took show a small nature retreat called Angerbachtal situated next to my hometown. If you take that walk on a Saturday it is possible not to meet anyone – a really important feature if you live in the middle of the city like me – and it’s very quiet. Coming from the city where I live you can drop off the bus some stops before my hometown and walk there across the fields instead which takes about two hours.


I’ve always dreamed about living here – this house was built sometimes in the 18th century.
I have a few more pictures of this location on my flickr account and will probably add some more from time to time.


One thought on “back on track

  1. Teresa 15. July 2008 / 2:39 pm

    Lovely pictures and looks like a great place to escape to. Thanks for sharing.

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