Wonderful world, beautiful people…


Yeah, well, I’m rather cheerful at the moment though I wouldn’t want to go as far over board as Jimmy Cliff in his above mentioned song (which is great summer music by the way!). The semester is coming to a close this week and I just have to prepare the test for my course and finish the paperwork and than its done! I’ve managed to spend nearly the whole time today researching for my thesis and I suddenly remembered why I wanted to write it: the topic is really interesting and fun. I’m looking for words which got lost throughout the different stages of the German language and my main goal is to document as much cases as I can possibly find and then start looking for reasons why these words were lost and sometimes replaced. This topic is a great opportunity to combine both theoretical linguistic and history of language which are my favourite fields. I’m stopping with the gobbledygook now…:-)

Anyway, I’m feeling great! (Ithought I had to emphasize this a bit since it’s not often the case!)

Now you are possibly asking yourself where this sudden change of heart came from after all this dull and depressng stuff I’ve been writing in the past weeks and there is indeed one sole reason for all this:

I quit the much hated job at the fruit shop I complained about so often! No more bad moods from my boss to endure and no more getting treated like scum while getting paid minimum wage! It’s finally over! Yay!

So now I’m looking forward to a summer filled with lots of nice work in a quiet and cool library, some visits to friends and lots of time for reading. I’m planing to finish my red pinwheel quilt and start a fall quilt with some charm packs I bought some time ago. I’ll be back in the next few days with some sneak peaks on books and fabric! See U!


One thought on “Wonderful world, beautiful people…

  1. Miranda 15. July 2008 / 4:25 am

    That pic is gorgeous!

    And yayayayayay!! Congratulations on quitting your job!! I am so glad that you are feeling better. 🙂

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