Due to a somewhat catatonic spell I have been in I didn’t have the energy to post here in the last days.

Thanks for your encouraging comments on my whining 😉 I’m better though I’m a bit tired right now – we’re currently encountering a heat wave in Germany and the temperature is supposed to be about 30-35 degree Celsius according to the weather forecast and that’s much to warm for me! So, I could sleep rather than sitting in my office, chasing after the student who is supposed to perform a presentation in my course on Thursday.

I managed to add a border on the centre of my red quilttop and I have to make another nine pinwheels to finish the top. I’m thinking about adding a last narrow border after the last round of pinwheels with the red polka dot fabric I showed you some weeks ago


I’m not sure yet, it could clash a bit with the other reds because of the bright colour. I haven’t had time to upload the pictures of the quilt progress yet so I’m afraid this is another rather photoless post.

I’m off to work again with hope of finishing in a few hours and the possibility of a cool drink in the shade. My flat will be boiling hot (top floor…) so I’m staying away as long as possible! See U!


2 thoughts on “Sleepy

  1. Kieny 2. July 2008 / 1:43 pm

    Good to see you’re feeling better. Hope the heat wave doesn’t last too long.

  2. Teresa 15. July 2008 / 12:14 am

    Glad to hear you in a cheerful mood. Good luck on your thesis, it does sound interesting.

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