I’ve been really busy last week and took the weekend for some much needed quality time. On Saturday I took a long walk through a small nature reserve not far from my hometown. All that green and the silence! I really needed this after the rush and noise in the city I was ready for some small town calmness. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home so I’ve got no pictures to show.

I got some work on my various projects done and the pinwheel pile is slowly growing!
wonky wheels

I still have problems with uneven pieces and seams and it’s driving me crazy but I decided to take it as a personal note and just go with it.
As promised a sneak peak on the secret project for my quilting buddy:


She likes cats and muted colors so I chose fabric from the Fancy Cat II series by Makower. I like it a lot… Now for some straight seams!

The icing on my weekend cake was this fabulous fabric I ran into at a bargain price of 7.50 € per metre! I love polka dots but mostly they’re expensive and hard to find ’round here. So when I found this I bought as much a I could afford of the green and red one. The fabric comes in blue, yellow and pink, too, but I liked these two best:


I’ll be back soon, hopefully with some more progress on the red quilt top! Have a nice week everybody!


One thought on “

  1. Teresa 12. June 2008 / 5:06 pm

    Your pinwheels look good!

    I had not sen that cat fabric before and it is wonderful. I am sure your friend will be very pleased. So cute to put the fish with the cats.

    I collect polka dot fabrics too and someday want to make a quilt with nothing but polka dot fabric.

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