Better days are coming…

This week has been so full of work and stress that it almost faded into nothing by Wednesday. I stayed in the office the whole day Monday to Thursday and fell into bed after only a few hours at home. In short: it sucked. big time.
But I’ll say it with Jimmy Cliff: Better days are coming! ( I needed a nice dose of Reggae with all those rain here…)
I’m off work tomorrow so I’m going to have a nice long weekend. YAY!
Despite the stressfulness of the last week I did get some pinwheels done and I’m working on a super secret project for my quilting buddy (who doesn’t read here). After all her support and advice for me I felt like I had to give something back to show my appreciation and thanks. In almost every situation I came in contact with quilters or knitters I’ve made the experience that most of them are kind and generous people willing to help total strangers! I really think that’s amazing and I’m glad to be a part of this community!

Recently I became a member of an international on-line quilting community and I signed up for a so called Tea for Two event. You get partnered up with another member and at first exchange 4” starter squares which are the developed into tea coasters. This is my starter square:
T 42 square

I’ve already sent it off to my partner in California and am now waiting for her square. So stay tuned for pictures of pinwheels, tea coasters and a sneak peak of the top secret wall hanging!


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