wonderful weekend…

I’m having a great and quiet weekend so far! In fact it’s the first weekend in weeks I don’t have to do anything for my seminar – that’s the outcome of last week’s efficiency, I guess. After a hard day at the fruit shop I spend the remainder of Friday evening on the couch watching Supernatural on DVD and nursing by back back into a pain-free state. On Saturday I got up early and then spent the day at my parent’s. All put together I had a nice weekend doing nothing for a change so far – and I love it!

I managed to piece some more pinwheels last week but I’m going crazy with my wonky seams! No matter how slow I sew and how often I check my seam allowance they still don’t come out straight. As a result I have to spend lots of time squaring up my squares.

On the plus side I can report a successful interaction between me and DHL (the mail service) concerning a package from an on-line quilt shop on Thursday! And that’s what I ordered:

I bought the cotton batting for the red pinwheel quilt I’m working on and I’m really excited about this particular batting. It’s thin but feels very solid and incredibly soft! I’m really looking forward to start quilting this. Besides the batting I bought the current issue of the Love of Quilting magazine and I’m really pleased! There are some cool projects in it (pinwheels!!) and it’s nice to get some inspiration.
I’ll leave you now and take a much needed walk in the park – the weather is really good right now!
Have a nice week!


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