You can never hold back spring…

Maybe Tom Waits never experienced spring in Germany before writing this song… I’m very fond of winter but even I am fed up by this stupid temperature drops by now! Let’s just hope there will be an actual spring this year and no snow in May… or summer in April….But… there are good things happening this week! The summer semester has just started and we finally have a public transport ticket that’s valid for all of NRW so suddenly I have lots of options for nice trips!There’s an Emil Nolde Exhibition in Bielefeld which I will certainly visit this month and at the beginning of May Holly Golightly will play in Cologne. Since I missed all of her concerts in the past that’s a must-see, too!
I’ve been busy working for my course this week and today I’ll be in the office, too. It’s only one week left until the first session of the seminar and I’m getting a bit nervous. I’m sure next Wednesday that feeling will have evolved into being TERRIFIED…
Anyway, this weekend I gotta go shopping for some new clothes in Venlo, NL because right now I don’t look like an academic but a student attending said seminar. So, new and more professional clothes it is! (Plus, my favourite record store is in Venlo 😉 ) Yay!
Hope you’ll have a nice week and weekend, too!

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