Hello there

New blog – new luck! I just started this wordpress account because I’ve had about enough with my old provider, too much ads and it just looked crappy. Unfortunately, wordpress won’t allow me to import the content of my old blog for some reason so it looks like a fresh start! Lately I had a lot of things in my head I thought I should write down and since I’m not one to write an actual diary I decided to give blogging a second chance. Also, I will continue to write in English although that’s not my native language (I’m German) but I think a bit more practise will only improve my language skills and the few German friends who will visit here won’t have any problems with this.

So please cut me some slack if my posts sometimes will sound a bit funny AND have wonky punctuation!

Anyway, my old blog was mainly a craft and knitting blog and that’s one thing I’m going to change here, too. There will be lots of crafty content because quilting and knitting take up a huge bit of my spare time. But mostly this blog will be about the odd bits of my everyday life and the things I stumble about.

So, welcome to my small corner of the world!


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